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Application  and Sample Contract 
                          for one of our pups.......
​​Vermilion Kennels Puppy Application

Date:_________________________________                        Breed Cardigan      Wheaten


Home Phone#:_______________________________Cell:_______________________________



Where did you get my name as a breeder?

Please list the names of the adults living in your home, their occupation, employer’s name, work phone number, and the hours per week they work.

Please list the names and ages of the children in your home. If there are not any children currently in the home do you hope to have some at some point in the future or do you have grandchildren who visit regularly?


Have you had a dog previously? Yes / No
If “yes” please tell me the breed(s), whether the dog (s) is / are still living or how long it lived, and what the dog (s) died from. Also, please tell me what you liked or disliked about this dog.

Why do you feel that a Cardigan/Wheaten would be the right breed for your family?

Is this dog being purchased for the adults or children in the home?

Where will your dog spend its days and nights?

Would you consider an older dog ? Yes / No
Will you be using a crate? Yes / No / undecided
Have you met a Cardigan/Wheaten? Yes / No How much time have you spent with one?

Would you be interested in showing in breed competition? Yes / No / unknown
Are you interested in obedience or agility competition with your Cardigan /Wheaten? Yes / No / need more info

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes / No / Plan to have one

Are you willing to physically restrain the dog at all times?  in other words, keep the contained in a fence or on a lead.     Yes / No / undecided

Will take your dog to training as soon when the dog is old enough? Yes / No / Undecided

Are you willing to spay / neuter your pup at 12 months of age? Yes / No / uncertain

Do you live a house / apartment / town house? And do you own or rent ?

Are you willing to keep me informed of any changes in your residence or any changes in the health status of the dog for its lifetime? Yes/ No / not seen as necessary

Are you willing to sign a purchase agreement provided by me? Yes / No / uncertain

Where do you hope to be living and what do you plan to be doing 6 years from now?

What kinds of family activities will your dog be joining in on?

What personality type most appeals to you in a dog? Out going and strong minded or calmer and more submissive?

What do you feel might be the negatives of a Cardigan /Wheaten and how do you plan to deal with these?

Write a few paragraphs about the family that your pup will become part of.

I hereby certify that all the information contained in this application is true and correct. I certify that my purpose in acquiring a pup is to have first and foremost a family pet. If acquiring a show puppy, I agree to keep it in proper show condition. This application is not an agreement to buy or sell a puppy; it’s a tool in the placement of a puppy. No actual sale will be considered final until a contract is signed by both parties.

Seller: Barbara A Peterson

Email for information.  I have limited time for phone calls. ( check the SCWT Club of America or CWC Club of America web site for changes in address, phone, or email)

DOB : 
Date of Birth: 
Call Name: Determined by buyer
Registered Name: Vermilion‘s (named by me when the dog is registered)
Breeder: Barbara & Steven Peterson
Litter/Dog Registration number:
Purchase price:
Transportation: All transportation of this dog will be provided by the buyer.

 “COMPANION DOG” means the dog is sold as a pet rather than for breeding or show. No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied are made under this contact except as stated below. The parties to this agreement submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Minnesota and venue in the county of Rice for any dispute arising under this agreement, or the breach thereof. All buyers be advised that the MN Puppy Lemon Law applies to this sale. The statute is attached to this document as per the laws of the State of MN.

1. The dog is a purebred. The pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge and is attached. The AKC papers will be sent to you upon receipt of proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered. AKC papers will be issued as a “limited” registration. This means that the offspring of this dog can not be registered and in no way impacts your ownership of the dog itself.  

2. HEALTH The buyer/owner shall have the option to return the dog to the seller/breeder and obtain a full refund of the purchase price paid upon either of the following conditions:
a)If the dog is returned to the seller/breeder within two business days following the delivery of the dog to the buyer/owner and certification by a licensed veterinarian is concurrently provided to the seller/breeder stating that the dog is not healthy or as represented herein.
b)If, prior to the dog reaching 12 months of age, a licensed veterinarian certifies that the dog has hereditary crippling or fatal defects which would render the animal useless as a companion, provided the breeder's immunization schedule is followed. 
The buyer/owner shall have the right to select the veterinarian and shall be responsible for the corresponding fees and expenses. The veterinarian’s certification shall specify the defects found.  

You must get prior written authorization from the seller to euthanize this animal under the provisions of the contract. If the animal is not euthanized it must be returned to the seller to receive any consideration for or refund. Cost of return transportation to be born by the buyer.

The buyer/owner will notify the seller/breeder of any and all major health problems that occur throughout the dogs life time. I don’t need to know if your dog get ear mites at the kennel but I do want to know of conditions which might impact the entire breed. IF in doubt let me know. This is how I adjust my breeding program to produce the healthiest dogs possible.

The buyer/owner must maintain annual vet checks for the dog and keep all suggested immunizations up to date. 

3. TRANSFER The animal my not be transferred to another owner or euthanized without prior written consent of the seller. The first right of refusal goes to the seller/breeder. The only exception would be in the case of trauma or sudden illness for which it would be reasonably felt to be inhumane to allow the animal to suffer. I am not in favor of extreme measures to save an injured or extremely ill dog. The comfort and quality of life for the animal are the major concerns.

If at any time you find you are unwilling or unable to keep this dog I will take it back. 

If you desire to transfer him to a new owner you may not transfer him to:
a)A pet store (retail or wholesale) or other person (s) engaged in the business of selling dogs and/or any other animals.  
b)Anyone holding a USDA license for the sale of any animal
c)Any person who intends to resell the dog
d)Any person who intends to breed this dog with any other dog without prior written authorization from the seller/breeder.

4. TRAINING The buyer agrees to complete an eight (8) week obedience school with in one year of the date of sale. Preferably as soon as the course is offered in your area. The sooner the better for the dog and the family!

5. NEUTERING The animal will be neutered at or after 12 months of age. Failure to do so will result in the dog being reclaimed with no reimbursement. The breeder suggests you wait for one year to neuter your dog.

6. HOUSING The buyer agrees to provide adequate housing and shelter for the animal. The buyer is aware that the greatest safety for the dog is achieved when the dog is confined to a fenced yard or kennel run while out of doors and that collars may and do strangle a dog left on a rope or chain. The dog must be restrained while out of doors at all times and with due care. 

 The buyer agrees to provide a crate (wire or plastic) for the dog. It is advised that while the dog is left alone he be confined to his crate for his safety.

7.The seller/breeder agrees to assist the buyer/owner in any way possible with all questions relating to this dog.  

Signed:____________________________________. Date:_________________
Barbara A Peterson, seller/breeder

Signed:_____________________________________ Date__________________ 

    Subdivision 1. Disclosure. Every pet dealer shall deliver to each retail purchaser of an 
animal written disclosure as follows:
(a) The name, address, and USDA license number of the breeder and any broker who has 
had possession of the animal; the date of the animal's birth; the date the pet dealer received the 
animal; the breed, sex, color, and identifying marks of the animal; the individual identifying 
tag, tattoo, or collar number; the name and registration number of the sire and dam and the 
litter number; and a record of inoculations, worming treatments, and medication received by the 
animal while in the possession of the pet dealer.
(b) A statement signed by the pet dealer that the animal has no known health problem, or a 
statement signed by the pet dealer disclosing any known health problem and a statement signed 
by a veterinarian that recommends necessary treatment.
The disclosure shall be made part of the statement of consumer rights set forth in subdivision 
10. The disclosure required in paragraph (a) need not be made for mixed breed animals if the 
information is not available and cannot be determined by the pet dealer.
    Subd. 2. Records. The pet dealer shall maintain, for one year, a copy of the statement of 
consumer rights delivered to the purchaser.
    Subd. 3. Registration. A pet dealer who represents an animal as eligible for registration 
with an animal pedigree organization shall provide the retail purchaser, within 90 days of final 
payment, the documents necessary for registration. If these documents are not received from the 
pet dealer, the purchaser may retain the animal and receive a refund of 50 percent of the purchase 
price, or return the animal, along with all documentation previously provided, and receive a full 
refund. The pet dealer shall not be responsible for delays in registration which are the result of 
persons other than the pet dealer.
    Subd. 4. Health. No animal may be offered for sale by a broker or pet dealer to a retail 
purchaser until the animal has been examined by a veterinarian. The veterinarian used by the 
broker shall not be the same veterinarian used by the pet dealer. If the pet dealer is not the breeder 
of the animal, each animal shall be examined within two days after receipt of the animal by a pet 
dealer and within four days of delivery of the animal to the purchaser by the pet dealer. The cost 
of the examination shall be paid by the pet dealer.
    Subd. 5. Responsibilities of purchaser. To obtain the remedies provided in subdivision 6, 
the purchaser shall with respect to an animal with a health problem:
(a) Notify the pet dealer, within two business days, of the diagnosis by a veterinarian of a 
health problem and provide the pet dealer with the name and telephone number of the veterinarian 
and a copy of the veterinarian's report on the animal.
(b) If the purchaser wishes to receive a full refund for the animal, return the animal no 
later than two business days after receipt of a written statement from a veterinarian indicating 
the animal is unfit due to a health problem.
With respect to a dead animal the purchaser must provide the pet dealer a written statement 
from a veterinarian, indicating the animal died from a health problem which existed on or before 
the receipt of the animal by the purchaser.
    Subd. 6. Rights of the purchaser. If, within ten days after receipt of the animal by the 
purchaser, a veterinarian states, in writing, that the animal has a health problem which existed 
in the animal at the time of delivery, or if within one year after receipt of the animal by the 
purchaser, a veterinarian states, in writing, that the animal has died or is ill due to a hereditary 
or congenital defect, or is not of the breed type represented, the animal shall be considered to 
have been unfit for sale at the time of sale.
In the event an animal dies due to a health problem which existed in the animal at the 
time of delivery to the purchaser, the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the 
following remedies selected by the purchaser: receive an animal, of equal value, if available, and 
reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such reimbursements not to exceed the original 
purchase price of the animal; or receive a refund of the full purchase price.
In the event of a health problem, which existed at the time of delivery to the purchaser, 
the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the following remedies selected by the 
purchaser: return the animal to the pet dealer for a refund of the full purchase price; exchange the 
animal for an animal of the purchaser's choice of equivalent value, providing a replacement is 
available; or retain the animal, and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such 
reimbursements not to exceed the original purchase price of the animal.
The price of veterinary service shall be deemed reasonable if the service is appropriate for 
the diagnosis and treatment of the health problem and the price of the service is comparable to 
that of similar service rendered by other veterinarians in proximity to the treating veterinarian.
    Subd. 7. Rights of pet dealer. No refund, replacement, or reimbursement of veterinary fees 
shall be required if any one or more of the following conditions exist:
(a) The health problem or death resulted from maltreatment, neglect, or a disease contracted 
while in the possession of the purchaser, or from an injury sustained subsequent to receipt of 
the animal by the purchaser.
(b) A veterinarian's statement was provided to the purchaser pursuant to subdivision 1, 
paragraph (b), which disclosed the health problem for which the purchaser seeks to return the 
(c) The purchaser fails to carry out recommended treatment prescribed by the examining 
veterinarian, pursuant to subdivision 1, paragraph (b).
    Subd. 8. Contest. (a) In the event that a pet dealer wishes to contest a demand for the relief 
specified in subdivision 3 or 6, the pet dealer may require the purchaser to produce the animal for 
examination or autopsy by a veterinarian designated by the pet dealer. The pet dealer shall pay 
the cost of this examination or autopsy. The pet dealer shall have a right of recovery against the 
purchaser if the pet dealer is not obligated to provide a remedy under subdivision 6.
(b) If the pet dealer does not provide the relief selected by the purchaser set forth in 
subdivision 3 or 6, the purchaser may initiate a court action.
(c) The prevailing party in the court action shall have the right to recover costs and 
reasonable attorney fees not to exceed $500.
    Subd. 9. Posted notice. Every pet dealer shall post in a prominent location of the facility, a 
notice, in 48-point boldface type, containing the following language:
"Information on all dogs and cats is available. You are entitled to a statement of consumer 
rights. Make sure you receive this statement at the time of purchase."
    Subd. 10. Statement of consumer rights. Every pet dealer shall provide the retail purchaser 
a written notice of rights, which shall be signed by the purchaser, acknowledging that the 
purchaser has reviewed the notice, and signed by the pet dealer certifying the accuracy of the 
information contained in it. A signed copy shall be retained by the pet dealer and one given to the 
purchaser. The notice shall be in 16-point boldface type and shall state as follows:
The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations. Minnesota law 
also provides safeguards to protect pet dealers and animal purchasers. Attached is a copy 
of Minnesota Statutes, section 325F.79. Contained within this law is a statement of your 
consumer rights." 
The statement of consumer rights shall also contain or have attached the disclosures required 
under subdivision 1.
    Subd. 11. Limitation. Nothing in this subdivision shall limit the rights or remedies which are 
otherwise available to a purchaser under any other law. Any agreement or contract by a purchaser 
to waive any rights under this chapter shall be null and void and shall be unenforceable.
History: 1992 c 585 s 2

    Subdivision 1. Criminal penalty. A violation of any United States Department of 
Agriculture statute or regulation covering animal breeders or groomers, pet dealers, or the 
transportation of dogs or cats is a misdemeanor.
    Subd. 2. Civil penalty. (a) A pet dealer who:
(1) sells an animal without delivery of the disclosure required in section 325F.791, 
subdivision 1 ; 
(2) fails to maintain the records required by section 325F.791, subdivision 2; 
(3) fails to provide registration papers as provided in section 325F.791, subdivision 3; 
(4) fails to make or provide payment for the examinations required by section 325F.791, 
subdivision 4 ; 
(5) fails to post the notice required by section 325F.791, subdivision 9; or 
(6) fails to provide the statement of consumer rights required by section 325F.791, 
subdivision 10 , 
is subject to a civil fine of up to $1,000 per violation.
(b) Civil fines collected under this subdivision shall be collected by the court and turned over 
to the prosecuting attorney.



Minnesota Puppy Lemon Law
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