Vermilion Kennels                                   Email questions, please.  
Our home and dog yards are spacious 
and well suited to living with two active 
breeds. The Wheatens, Cardigans, 
Steve, and I share the woods with bear, 
timber wolves, deer, fox, rabbits, 
squirrels and hundreds of birds both 
large and small.

Vermilion Kennels is a small, in home show kennel located on about 8 acres of land just outside of Duluth, MN….at the western tip of Lake Superior when looking at the map.

 We enjoy a close proximity to nature, wonderful privacy, as well as near by shopping and dining opportunities. We are just two hours from Mpls/St. Paul and are truly in the wooded northland!
The dogs all live in our home. Our indoor facilities include two large bedrooms for dogs with additional space for puppies and moms to be separated from dogs going to and from dog shows. Dogs have their own room for grooming needs as well as close access to the family room and my study for socialization.

We have large outdoor areas for the dogs ranging from secure paddocks where they can run, play, and build muscles, to covered kennel runs which afford maximum security for those in season or small dogs. There is a separate play area especially designed for puppies and well covered to protect them from raptors….which we see almost daily! The puppy pen also protects them from snow and rain and allows youngsters to get outside in any weather.